The Team

Olyvenbosch has 12 permanent staff, managed by Paul van Eyssen and Lezelle Nel in the office with Vivian Otto (middle-front) managing the team.

Back, left to right: Theresa Slinger (Supervisor), Curtly Slinger (General Worker), Ricardo Fredericks (Tractor Operator), Mac Matshini (Maintenance), Andries Witbooi (Driver), Sylvia May (Supervisor), Thokozani Botya (General Worker), Lecrecia-Lee Davids (General Worker).

Front, left to right: Koos Slinger (Water Operator), Lezelle Nel, Vivian Otto (Assistant Manager), Paul van Eyssen, Jerome Sewers (Tractor Operator).

Housing is allocated to couples and families that are both employed by the farm, with a community hall.

Human resources are managed through the organogram principle with individuals being trained to function in specific specialized positions during the year.

Permanent staff take on supervisory positions during the olive season when an additional 70 – 90 temporary workers are employed for the harvesting and pressing of olives.

GOurmet Bronze

recognition at the International Olive Oil Awards in Paris for our 2022 harvest