Why Olive Oil On Tap

Olyvenbosch Olive Farm on the slopes of the Paarl mountain range in the Western Cape region of South Africa is a family owned farm that grows and produces olives & award winning extra virgin olive oil under the quality standards of the SA Olive Association.

Olyvenbosch has pioneered and introduced a successful ‘bag in a box’ packaging to their product, which gives you a practical, hygienic and controlled tap dispenser, which guarantees that the quality extra virgin olive oil retains its freshness until the last drop.

Conventional bottled olive oil is exposed to air during use and can become rancid (stale) in less than a month. (Air causes oxidization which break down the oil quality and causes rancidity.)

The vacuum packed inner bag collapses as oil is dispensed and does not allow air into the bag therefore retaining the oils quality and freshness for as long as it’s 2
year shelf life.

When your tap is exposed, your oil is available for use, but technically your packaging is still ‘closed’, allowing you fresh oil until the last drop.

The 1L, 2L, 5L & 10L ‘on tap’ bag in a box comes with a certicate of analysis of quality for extra virgin olive oil (<0.8% acidity) and guarantees NO OTHER OILS.

Only three specic olive varieties, Frantoio, Leccino & Coritina are pressed and combined to produce a robust smooth textured oil with fresh grassy and soft fruity aromas complemented by a peppery after taste.

Olyvenbosch extra virgin olive oil carries the prestigious SA Olive Seal of Quality.

GOurmet Bronze

recognition at the International Olive Oil Awards in Paris for our 2022 harvest